Water Well in India – May 2017

In May this year (2017)Water Well Construction Pastor Gopi and Wife, through many of your contributions – coupled with our ongoing Ministry tithe, the Mighty in the Land FOUNDATION (www.mightyintheland.com/orphan-care/) donated $8,000, to equip the GO (Global Orphan Project: www.goproject.org) India team and church partner Pastor Gopi to drill a bore water well. Below are some photos from their efforts and a testimony from GO India Director Mary Priscilla. Behold God.
Mary’s Testimony:
“Praise God that we had drilled the bore well in Pastor Gopi’s Church. There was no water until 330 feet and initially right from feet 1 it was all rock. The neighbors and even the bore well owners kept saying that there would be no water as this is rocky place but Neither Pastor Sudhakar, Pastor Gopi, Myself, Paul nor the orphan kids at Pastor Gopi’s place gave up hope. It was so satisfying to see the faith of these little children and their prayers. Finally The water gushed out at 330 feet and we were able to drill until 400 feet.
“This whole process reminded me that God’s promises are always with us and His provision is always preserved and stored for the right time and we need to go through the process of drilling and waiting for as many feet as God wants us to. But all we need is Faith that we will receive it for sure. And there will be lot of voices that will tell us that our walk, faith and struggle is of no use and they would yell at us to give up midway. But Faith in God is what keeps us going forward and for sure….. Yes for sure…. the provisions and blessings will gush out at the determined time. This has encouraged me a lot! And this blessing would just be the beginning of something bigger that God is gonna do! It’s just like the bore well – water is just the beginning of the project that is going to stand up here.”
Pastor Gopi’s testimony of obedience is amazing. Pastor Gopi felt the Lord calling him to plant a church. As he sought out the heart of the Lord, he was drawn to a location outside of the city limits of Hyderabad. This place was remote and, to any reasonable person, would have been a questionable (at best!) place to plant a church. Yet, Pastor Gopi continued to pray, and the Lord said yes. So he built a church there.
Meanwhile, the city of Hyderabad was working on a new policy to eliminate slums in the city limits. Although this effort seems philanthropic on the surface, the policy actually amounted to a slum relocation project. The city decided to relocate people to new skyrise apartments so that it could claim that it had eliminated slums from the city. The city enacted the policy, seeking to build new apartments to relocate those living in the slums.
And where did the city choose to go? God knew it all along, and he was preparing his servant for the work to be done. Pastor Gopi – not knowing why – had simply obeyed, and when all of these new apartments began to be built and filled with people, who was there to minister to them?! Pastor Gopi! Now, there are approximately 300,000 people surrounding his little church. What a ministry God had prepared for him.
Glory be to God! Thank you for partnering with us.
[KNOW GOD – no regrets]