Turn off the technology, tune in to your family

“I know! We’ll all snuggle in bed, and you can read the Bible, and it’ll be fun!” Our daughter, Estellah Eve, had our nighttime all figured out the other day. What a joy – that this is what thrills our children: family time, snuggle time, Bible time.
Amid all the gadgetry and near-unavoidable technology of our day (and this upcoming Holiday Season), do your best to intentionally emphasize some simple things – without electronic interruptions. Read together. Play a board game. Put a puzzle together. Pop some popcorn.
Look your children in the eye and let them know they matter to you. They crave your affirmation and your presence – no matter their age. Let them know they are deserving of your time and attention – even more than the phone in your hand (or the ball game on TV).
Ten years from now, none of us will remember who won the football game on Sunday. However, your family could likely remember it as the one time Dad spent 3 uninterrupted hours just playing Uno and eating popcorn with us – without once looking at his phone. Give it a try.
As someone urged me the other day from an upcoming Ministry Visit next month, “Please, Robert, when you come – encourage parents to put their phones down and pay attention to their children!” Amen.
Turn off the technology and tune in to your family – while you can. These minutes and moments are precious. They’ll be gone before you know it. You’ll never regret it.
[KNOW GOD – no regrets]

One thought on “Turn off the technology, tune in to your family”

  1. This is a great ideal Robert and I pray you can reach many family’s with this one cause it is truely sad to see that our kids have become walking zombies and the parents are right there with them doing the very same act with out even a thought about all that they are missing. I was so blessed when I was rasing my boy’s as they hadn’t yet had cell phones and computer’s wasn’t a big deal in my day so I spent all my time with my kids doing anything and everything from riding in a wagon to and from one grandmother’s house to another to visit or just taking long walks. Today there is no communication at all between kids and there parents. I watch my teenage grandaughters with those phones and the same with there mom and it saddens me. Your such an insperation to the world with all that you do and God is using you everywhere. What an amazing blessing that is..

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