Pass the Test


PASS the TEST – How to endure the FIRE of affliction and emerge like GOLD

by Robert Rogers


Do you have what it takes to Pass the Test of life?

Robert Rogers faced that question in 2003 when he and his 5 family members were engulfed in their minivan by a wall of water from a flash-flood on the Kansas Turnpike.  As the sole-survivor, Robert endured the worst test of his life.


Learn from Robert’s captivating story as well as from many great men and women of the Bible who endured the fires of affliction, passed their tests, and emerged like gold.  Through powerful Scriptures and compelling stories, you will be inspired and equipped to Pass your Test with flying colors.  “We have passed the test and are approved by God.” (2 Corinthians 13:6)


“Robert Rogers is a man who has been tested, and, as a result, can speak and write passionately with authority.  Robert’s words and actions are a strong testimony to the Lord’s purposes when the tests of life appear to be overwhelming.  This book will give you Biblical and practical truths to help you navigate your test.  Like Robert, I’m praying you will ‘Pass the Test’!”

Rod Handley, Stage 4 Cancer-Survivor, President and Founder – Character That Counts


“This book is highly engaging, impactful, and life changing!  Robert relays within his life the powerful purpose of God’s refinement over us, transforming His people into gold.  The book’s passages will show you how to endure through troubled waters and be filled with the beautiful, joyful meaning God has planned for our lives.  Don’t miss this journey!”

Teresa Herbic, Stage 3 Cancer-Survivor, Author of God Revealed and Family Prayer Made Easy


“This amazing book, a compelling read, is deep in practical spiritual formation principles which will help people and encourage them in the dark times of life.”

Kevin Ellers, D.Min., The Salvation Army – Chaplaincy & Crisis Response Coordinator

“Robert Rogers lives the chapter titles of his book.  His walk matches his talk.  As you read the book, you will experience the vibrancy of God in troubling times.  The greatest impact for us in hearing Robert’s story is to intentionally plan your life which will reflect a life with no regrets.  Practical!  Powerful!  Personal guidelines on how to Pass the Test.”

Charlene and Pastor Vernon Armitage, prior Pastor for 41 years of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in Liberty, Missouri