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How to Enflame the Heart of a Father to Responsibly Raise Godly Children with No Regrets

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We live in a country and in an age with an epidemic of fatherlessness – largely because fathers have abandoned their children to such great measure.  Many of the troubles assailing our nation and the world are emblematic of broken families and – in particular – absent fathers.  The cultural chaos and disintegration of the family can be traced directly back to fugitive fathers.


Children need their earthly fathers to be present, to be active, to be responsible, and to rise as godly men who reflect the actions and attitudes of our Father God.  In what has been described as a “riveting” and tearful read, Robert Rogers shares powerful stories, pertinent Scriptures, and practical suggestions for fathers to purposefully live out their calling.  In this book, Robert strives to ignite the heart of every dad to enthusiastically engage his divine mission: to father his family well, without regrets.




“Above all else, loving parents want their children to know their Heavenly Father and experience His grace.  Written from the perspective of his own journey in parenting, this author who lives God’s word, gives us a critical spiritual guide for those who would allow their parenting to reflect the rich abundance of God’s love for us.  Rogers aptly demonstrates how biblical principles still apply to fathering children in this post-modern age.

“This book is a critical resource for those who would have their homes be a foretaste of our heavenly home in God.  For those who wish to reflect the perfect love and grace of our Heavenly Father, this book is a manual to have in your home.  Christian leaders would do well to place this road map in the hands of every young student in their care who would hope to raise families of their own one day.”

Rosemary Henderson

B.A., M. A., life-long public and private school teacher, advocate for integrated studies and best educational practices for youth, dedicated to unlocking reading difficulties in children, pastor’s wife, mother & homeschooler


“Robert has written the textbook for fathers.  His wisdom, stories, and application of the Bible clearly define some of the most important tools every father needs as he builds a God-designed family.  Every father who wants his family to reflect the love and passion of Jesus should read this timeless teaching.  Thank you, Robert!!  I only wish I had this when I started my family 35 years ago.”

Bill Moore

CEO//Co-Founder – Heart of a Man


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