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I’m passionate about caring for orphans. So is God – all through scripture. At least 143 Million orphans need caring for in this world – right now.

“Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for orphans and widows in their troubles…” (James 1:27)


I have a passion for orphans and special-needs children. I experienced the miracle of adoption in January 2003 when we adopted Alenah WenYing – a special-needs orphan from China – into our family. Our son, Zachary, also had special-needs from Down syndrome at birth.


After my visit to the tsunami stricken regions of India in 2004, I began the Mighty in the Land FOUNDATION (a Donor-Advised Fund through NCF) – dedicated to advance adoption and care for orphans and special-needs children worldwide . Since then, I’ve ministered to orphans in Haiti and Russia as well.


Our vision is to fund at least 5 orphanages in 5 areas of the world – in honor of my 5 Heavenly family members.


By the grace of God and the generosity of many gracious donors, we’ve funded 8 orphanages on 5 continents, granting over $571,000 since 2004 to care for orphans and special-needs children worldwide!


The FOUNDATION is funded by people who share our passion and donate directly, and from a 10% tithe from Mighty in the Land Ministry (from the gross proceeds of offerings, honorariums, contributions, and materials – before deducting expenses.)

Donate to The Mighty In The Land FOUNDATION Fund:
c/o National Christian Foundation – Indianapolis
9953 Crosspoint Blvd, Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46256

“Non-Cash” Gifts

The FOUNDATION can also accept “Non-Cash” gifts such as vehicles, personal property, and appreciated assets (stocks, securities, real estate, & business interests). For more information, visit www.ncfgiving.com or call 317-570-5850 about giving to the “Mighty in the Land” fund.

GRANTS to date
CountryGrants to datePurpose
China$105,000"Alenah's Home" (Beijing),
Healthy Hearts (Children's Hope)
Haiti$51,545"Joy Village" (Leogane),
2010 Earthquake Relief
India$98,756"Zachary Village" (Sarampet),
Orphan traveler van (Madras)
Russia$38,000"Melissa Home" (Vladimir region)
Rwanda$12,414"Makenah Home" (Village of Hope)
Uganda$75,800"Nicholas Home" (Lira),
"Hope Village" (Bulunga)
USA$26,251Children's Mercy Hospital (Kansas City),
Camp Barnabus (Missouri),
Community Care Center - DynaVox (Pennsylvania)
Given Total$407,766

Orphan Homes

Melissa Home (Vladimir, Russia): Funded October 2006 through Children’s Hopechest.

Makenah Home (Rwanda, Africa): Funded January 2008 through Village of Hope–Rwanda.

Nicholas Home (Lira, Uganda, Africa): Funded December 2009 through Global Orphan Project (C3 Missions).

Alenah’s Home (Beijing, China): Funded January 2010 through Children’s Hope, Intl.

Zachary Village (Sarampet, India): Funded December 2012 through Global Orphan Project (C3 Missions)

Joy Village (Leogane, Haiti): Funded Feb 2014 through Global Orphan Project (C3 Missions)

Hope Village (Bulunga, Uganda): Funded May 2013 through Forgotten Children Worldwide.

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